Slow Down Your Summer to Spend Time with God

Summer means slower schedules, weekend vacations, and more family time — we all look forward to this chance to relax. However, just because you take a break from the hectic responsibilities of everyday life doesn’t mean you should take a break from your relationship with God; in fact, your summer is the perfect chance to take […]

How to Forgive When It’s Hard

Forgiveness can be challenging. Sometimes, someone badly hurts us and we don’t want to talk to them or even see them, much less offer them forgiveness. How do you find the strength to forgive when you’re angry or upset? We offer some suggestions on how to alter your perspective and make forgiving someone a bit […]

Summer Camp Preparation

Summer is just around the corner, and you know what that means: summer camp! Maybe this will be the first year that your child goes to a sleepaway camp, and it’s the first time you’ve been separated this long, or maybe it’s the fifth year in a row that your child goes to her favorite […]

5 Things to Do When God’s Plan for You Doesn’t Make Sense

“God, I don’t know what you’re doing here. What am I supposed to do?” “God, why is this happening to them?” “God, why is this happening to me?” If you’ve ever brought one of these questions to the Lord in prayer, you’re not alone. Sometimes, hard things happen, and they can be difficult to face […]

Family Dinners = Academic Success

Between you and your spouse’s jobs, your child’s schoolwork, and your community involvement, it can be difficult to eat dinner together every night. But did you know that quality, family time over shared meals positively impacts your child’s success? There are a number of benefits to family dinners. The University of Illinois did a study […]

School Leaders Graduate From Emmaus Leadership Series

The Emmaus Leadership Series is a powerful, leadership development program for Catholic school principals and heads of schools. It is designed to cultivate transformative leaders in Catholic education. We are honored to announce that two school leaders from our diocese, Lou Pereira, President of Trinity Catholic, and Deborah Schwope, Principal of Resurrection Catholic School, are […]

Help Your Child Manage Stress

Today’s children are under an enormous amount of pressure to succeed, and sometimes that can induce stress or anxiety. While a certain amount of stress is a natural, human response to tense situations, it’s important that we teach our children how to cope with these feelings so that they learn how to plan, problem solve, […]

3 Things to Thank Your Spouse for Today

When you spend every day with the same person, it can be easy to forget to verbally appreciate them. It’s natural to assume that your gratitude and appreciation is implied. However, communication is a vital aspect of every relationship. Incorporating these three “thank you”s into conversations with your spouse will not only help your relationship […]

Honor Mothers On Their Day

Exodus 20:12 instructs us to honor our father and our mother, and Mother’s Day is a wonderful chance to focus on intentionally honoring the women and mothers in your life. Take a look at these suggestions to show them God’s unconditional love! Forgive With Grace and Compassion We honor our parents by extending grace and […]

Pray the Game: Finding God at Your Child’s Sports Games

As a parent of growing children, you’ll likely find that more and more of your time is spent at your child’s meets, matches, and practices. The time you spend sitting in the bleachers at these sporting events can be a great opportunity to enhance your prayer life. While not necessarily an ideal or obvious atmosphere […]