4 Tricks to De-Stress Your Morning Routine

Between burnt toast, missing homework assignments, and your kid running out the door with the left shoe on his right foot, school mornings can be hectic. Luckily, there are a few ways you start the day on a better note and make everyone happy — or at least, avoid a major meltdown. Check out these […]

See the Fruit of Your Labor

Earth Day is right around the corner, and what better way to teach your child to appreciate God’s creation than by gardening together? Check out the valuable lessons and skills your children can learn from this hands-on activity. Teaches Responsibility Children learn that caring for plants requires responsibility and consistency. They can’t suddenly decide that […]

Just Two More Bites: Picky Eater Strategies

“Ew! Is there chicken in my chicken nugget??” “…yes?” “But Mommy always takes the chicken out of my chicken nugget!” This was an interaction my sister had while babysitting our little neighbors years ago. Bewildered, she took the plate back into the kitchen, pretended to remove all the chicken, and returned the “chicken-free” chicken nuggets […]

Easter Sunday Has Passed – Now What?

Easter Sunday is over. Everyday routines have returned, the sugar rush is gone, and the celebration of Jesus’ rise from death is complete. In the midst of our busy lives, it can be easy to forget about our relationship with Jesus, and our Easter joy tends to dissipate as the year continues. However, we can […]

It’s Not About the Candy

When it comes to Easter celebrations, your children are surely looking forward to family traditions, egg hunts, and of course, their favorite sweets. However, don’t just gift them with candy this year. Help your family focus on what’s truly important by incorporating faith into your Easter egg hunt with these fun ideas! Glow-in-the-Dark Easter Egg […]

Easter Traditions Your Kids Will Always Remember

When your kids grow up, have kids of their own, and reminisce on the Easters of their childhood, they won’t remember all the candy and chocolate they got each year. Instead, they’ll fondly remember the traditions: the Peep-eating contests between them and their cousins; the years with reverse Easter egg hunts, where they hid Easter […]

Waiting in Line for Confession: Dos and Don’ts

It may feel daunting to wait in line for confession, alone with your thoughts as you dwell on everything you’re about to confess, but this time is valuable. You’re able to slow down, pray, and reflect. Take a look at some suggestions on what to do (and what not to do) while waiting for confession. […]

How to Prepare Students for a High School Transition

Transitioning from middle to high school can seem daunting and overwhelming for even the most well-equipped students. Prepare your child to enter this new chapter by setting them up for success with these tips. Keep Records If you plan to choose a high school that requires admission, make sure to keep copies of your student’s […]

Principal Spotlight: Deborah Schwope

Deborah Schwope has been an educator for 31 years, first as a teacher, where her leadership skills got her noticed by administration. Mrs. Schwope likes to joke that she was “born in charge.” Always able to see the “big picture,” Mrs. Schwope was genuinely surprised when her principal approached her about becoming an administrator. But […]

How to Keep Faith Alive When Transitioning to College

New town, new friends, new classes, new responsibilities, and a new environment: is it any wonder that college can seem overwhelming? Not to mention the difficulty of finding a new faith-based community, church, or Bible study. However, keeping and growing your faith while you’re at college doesn’t have to be difficult. Start with the three […]