School Leaders Graduate From Emmaus Leadership Series

The Emmaus Leadership Series is a powerful, leadership development program for Catholic school principals and heads of schools. It is designed to cultivate transformative leaders in Catholic education. We are honored to announce that two school leaders from our diocese, Lou Pereira, President of Trinity Catholic, and Deborah Schwope, Principal of Resurrection Catholic School, are […]

Help Your Child Manage Stress

Today’s children are under an enormous amount of pressure to succeed, and sometimes that can induce stress or anxiety. While a certain amount of stress is a natural, human response to tense situations, it’s important that we teach our children how to cope with these feelings so that they learn how to plan, problem solve, […]

3 Things to Thank Your Spouse for Today

When you spend every day with the same person, it can be easy to forget to verbally appreciate them. It’s natural to assume that your gratitude and appreciation is implied. However, communication is a vital aspect of every relationship. Incorporating these three “thank you”s into conversations with your spouse will not only help your relationship […]

Honor Mothers On Their Day

Exodus 20:12 instructs us to honor our father and our mother, and Mother’s Day is a wonderful chance to focus on intentionally honoring the women and mothers in your life. Take a look at these suggestions to show them God’s unconditional love! Forgive With Grace and Compassion We honor our parents by extending grace and […]

Pray the Game: Finding God at Your Child’s Sports Games

As a parent of growing children, you’ll likely find that more and more of your time is spent at your child’s meets, matches, and practices. The time you spend sitting in the bleachers at these sporting events can be a great opportunity to enhance your prayer life. While not necessarily an ideal or obvious atmosphere […]

Rosary Craft for Children

Wondering how to explain the rosary to your little ones? With this fun and educational craft, not only can you introduce your child to the rosary and our devotion to Mother Mary, but you can teach them the basic parts of a decade in the rosary as well. This way, you can begin to incorporate […]

4 Tricks to De-Stress Your Morning Routine

Between burnt toast, missing homework assignments, and your kid running out the door with the left shoe on his right foot, school mornings can be hectic. Luckily, there are a few ways you start the day on a better note and make everyone happy — or at least, avoid a major meltdown. Check out these […]

See the Fruit of Your Labor

Earth Day is right around the corner, and what better way to teach your child to appreciate God’s creation than by gardening together? Check out the valuable lessons and skills your children can learn from this hands-on activity. Teaches Responsibility Children learn that caring for plants requires responsibility and consistency. They can’t suddenly decide that […]

Just Two More Bites: Picky Eater Strategies

“Ew! Is there chicken in my chicken nugget??” “…yes?” “But Mommy always takes the chicken out of my chicken nugget!” This was an interaction my sister had while babysitting our little neighbors years ago. Bewildered, she took the plate back into the kitchen, pretended to remove all the chicken, and returned the “chicken-free” chicken nuggets […]

Easter Sunday Has Passed – Now What?

Easter Sunday is over. Everyday routines have returned, the sugar rush is gone, and the celebration of Jesus’ rise from death is complete. In the midst of our busy lives, it can be easy to forget about our relationship with Jesus, and our Easter joy tends to dissipate as the year continues. However, we can […]