Sleep & Education Go Hand in Hand

Between school, homework, chores, sports, and social lives, kids are constantly occupied. At the end of the day, they have earned a well-deserved rest to relax, recoup, and refresh their mind for the next day. The brain is actually very active throughout the night. Trillions of nerve cells literally rewire themselves, which is how we […]

Learning Through Creativity

The arts are a vital aspect of helping your child learn and grow. Exposing children to dance, music, and drama at home does wonders for their confidence, critical thinking, physical health, and more. Below, we’ve compiled a list of age-appropriate activities to encourage creativity and learning. Dance Toddlers: Ants in Your Pants! Help your child […]

3 Ways to Help Students Overcome Holiday Burnout

As the beginning of the new semester approaches, it’s easy for your student to get stressed and overwhelmed. Help your child manage her or his stress and beat holiday burnout with these three tips. Consider Their School-Life Balance Chances are, your student hasn’t had a very good balance between school and outside life since the […]

5 Tips for Writing a College Admission Essay

It’s that time of year where students begin thinking about the ever-elusive college admission essay. These essays are often vague in requirements and can be a daunting task. With these five tips, your student is sure to make his or her essay stand out. Think Small for a Bigger Win 500 words isn’t enough to […]

Saint Quotes That Double as Resolutions

Saints possess a wealth of wisdom and experience. And as we dive into the rest of the year, there’s no better time than now to reap the benefits of their guidance and add to your list of resolutions. Here are five great quotes to contemplate as you deepen your faith life in 2018:     […]

Celebrate Your Students During Catholic Schools Week 2018

National Catholic Schools Week is fast approaching, and every year, Lakeland Catholic Schools celebrate students with fun, meaningful activities that recognize and celebrate their hard work and accomplishments. As an educator, you can encourage your students to reflect on the benefits of their Catholic education with these great activity suggestions. Show off your students’ tech […]

What Do You Want to Be When You Get Older?

Searching for the right college while making a decision about what career path you want to take can be difficult, daunting, and full of anxiety. In order to help you find a good starting point, here is a list of some of the most popular university majors available right now, and how these might translate […]

Questions to Ask Before You Say Yes to Your Child

This day and age, families and parents are busier than ever. Typically, with two-working-parent households and increased socialization thanks to social media, we find ourselves constantly occupied with commitments from errands to events to appointments.. So before you say yes to your child’s next request – consider these important things. Will This Negatively Impact My […]

What Does God Teach Us About Leadership?

If you find yourself in a leadership role, be it as a parent, at work, or within the church community, are you using your position of authority in a positive manner? The goal is to build others up, and using these four benchmarks can help you discover how to make your leadership style more closely […]