5 Birthday Party Ideas for Winter Babies

While most students look forward to the winter months for celebrating the holidays and spending time with family, your winter baby might be more excited for their birthday. It’s the one day a year your child gets to celebrate themselves, and while every day with your child is a celebration, make sure their birthday is […]

Christmas Traditions to Start With Your Family

Start the season off right with these fun activities the whole family will enjoy while creating some new traditions that allow you to truly experience the joyous holiday. Countdown to Christmas Generate some anticipation for Christmas with a countdown. A fantastic way to do this is through an Advent calendar, where a small treat accompanies […]

How to Help Teens Use Social Media

In the world today, your teen’s desire to use social media is inevitable. The online world is merely an extension of their real life. But what are they really seeing and doing online, and how are they presenting themselves to others? Here are some tips on how you can help encourage your teen to make […]

Teaching Your Child Healthy Food Choices

Navigating the current market of over-processed snacks and sweets while finding the time to prepare good, wholesome meals can be difficult for any family. It can be easy to fall into a pattern of fast foods and sugary snacks, which can lead to health issues and ultimately affect your child’s success in school. Instead, teach […]

8 Basic Life Skills Every Child Should Know

The Bible tells us that as parents, it is our duty to watch over and protect our children. Sometimes we forget, however, that watching over doesn’t mean waiting on hand and foot. In fact, the best way to prepare your child for a safe, independent life is to allow them to carry some of their […]

Healthy Snacking Tips for Busy Families

Life is a whirlwind once school begins. With school, work, sports, meetings, lessons, and clubs, it seems impossible to plan a family dinner, much less worry about snacks. However, creating a healthy snacking habit will benefit everyone in the family. Grabbing a brownie or cookie as you rush out the door may seem easy, but […]

5 Tips to Help Stop Sibling Rivalry

They share 50 percent of the same DNA, were raised together, attend the same school, have shared the same basic life experiences, and yet they always seem to be squabbling. Watching your children argue can be heart-wrenching and many parents are unsure how to stop a rivalry. The Diocese of Orlando offers a few tips […]

How to Raise an Optimist

You strive to give your child proper nutrition for their growing body and a solid education at one of the best private schools, but how can you train their attitude? Below are a few tips on bringing up an optimistic child. Be Aware of Your Own Habits If you worry out loud, your chatter is […]

6 Ways to Share Your Faith in School

While most public schools discourage children from discussing faith in their curriculum, we aim to create an environment that allows children to be steadfast in their beliefs, as well as challenged in their studies. Here are some tips to encourage your children to share their faith with other students. Symbols A simple cross, crucifix necklace, […]

What Happens When You Pray the Rosary More Often?

Sometimes, you feel the obligation to pray the rosary more than you feel the need. Can a litany of repeated phrases actually bring you any closer to faith? The meditative quality of praying the rosary gives Catholics the ability to open their minds and their hearts to the goodness of mercy. But how does this […]