Academic & Student Life


The Christ-Centered education offered in our private schools in Polk County integrates the Gospel into our lessons, which include experimentation and experiences for our students. The Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is within the fabric of the education offered at our Catholic schools.

Rigorous Academics

Polk County private schools have small class sizes, classrooms full of technology, and a variety of enriching activities to inspire our students to thrive in excellence. Our curriculum, which is both challenging and rewarding, meets and/or exceeds the standards set forth by the Orlando Diocese and Florida Next Generation. Our faculty and staff, both highly qualified and dedicated to the development of our students, help our students reach their fullest potential during their education at our schools. The education offered is immersive within a well-rounded curriculum that prepares them for the 21st century.

Our private schools in Polk County provide students with comprehensive education in all of the core subjects, which include English, Mathematics, Science and Social Students. Additionally, our Catholic Schools offer additional enrichment courses that will round out the student’s education. Those courses include:

  • Religion
  • Physical Education
  • Computer Science
  • Spanish
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Communication Arts

Middle schools and high schools also provide students with opportunities for advanced level coursework. Our low student-to-teacher ratio allows students to have one-on-one instruction with teachers.

Polk County Catholic Schools

Enriching Extracurricular

Part of the Catholic educational philosophy within the Polk County private schools is to enrich our students’ education experience. We encourage our students to explore creativity, passion, and curiosity to receive the most well-balanced education possible.

We offer fine arts, which are proven to augment education and advance academic performance. We provide diverse opportunities within our fine arts programs that include programs such as music and drama.

Athletics are also a big part of our private schools in Polk County. Our competitive athletic programs start in middle school, and our schools play host to some intramural sporting events for our younger students. Our schools compete against other Catholic and private schools in the Catholic Youth Sports Association.

Safe, Secure & Supportive

The environment that our private schools in Polk County fosters is one that provides both our students and parents peace of mind. We want our students to thrive, and we want our parents to be confident that their child is being taken care of, being valued, and being loved as an individual and as a child of God.

We feel that all students deserve to feel safe, secure, and supported within the academic environment, and we believe that’s one of the characteristics that make our schools desirable to both parents and students.

Our facilities are safe and secure, and it is our faculty’s goal to support the success of your child.

Polk County Catholic Schools

Service & Community

Serving together is what makes our facilities educational communities. We encourage our students and their families to build bonds through service and cooperation, which is not found in many educational environments. Students tend to excel because of the comfort they feel from belonging to a community.

We consider ourselves more than just schools; we’re family. Together, we serve each other and Jesus Christ. We prepare the students from our private schools in Polk County to lead, inspire, and excel throughout their academic years and beyond.