Actions Speak Louder

As the holiday season continues, there’s no better time of the year to show your community the love of God! Get your children active in the community, and show them how they can share the love of God by serving others — no matter how old they are.

Ask Them For Input
First things first, show your children that you value their input. Are there any individuals, causes, or organizations that they’re passionate about helping? Maybe they’ve noticed that the widow across the street lives alone and they’d like to bring her a sweet gift of a home cooked meal, or maybe they hope to plant a garden full of bee-friendly flowers.

Love the Earth
Ask your children to think about the many ways that we as humans need the Earth. Then, ask them about how the millions of other plants and animals on the planet need it as well! Start a conversation about how we, as followers of Christ, can take better care of our planet. You can garden together, create a compost bin, or go to the beach and clean up trash on the shore.

Start Locally
Many times, we feel like we can’t make a difference unless we’re able to travel across the world or donate resources to a faraway country. Remind your child that they have the power to make a difference in the lives of people right down the road! Start by asking the members of your church if they are in need of any assistance. Perhaps there’s an elderly church member who can’t mow their lawn or a single parent who would greatly benefit from you running some errands or donating an afternoon of free babysitting.

Host a Service Party
Research local service groups, and get together with other families to make an even bigger impact! Your children can write thank-you notes to local firemen, policemen, or soldiers and thank them for their service. You could also look into volunteering at a homeless shelter, giving time, toys, and food to an animal shelter, or decorating bags for Meals on Wheels.

Spend Time With Seniors
The holiday season is the perfect time to share some extra love with senior citizens. Whether it’s inviting your elderly neighbors over for Thanksgiving dinner or putting on a show at your local senior center, you and your children can show how much you care.

After you’ve finished serving the community, sit down with children and ask them who they impacted with their actions and how they shared the love of God. Get them to think outside the box! Explain to them that no matter how young or old you are, you have the power to make a difference in the world.

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