The Benefits of Theatre in Education

Part of the Catholic education at Polk County private schools is to provide enriching extracurricular activities, including the fine arts. The arts, particularly drama, are an important component of our educational philosophy and encourages students to explore creativity, passion, and curiosity.

From Scripture to Stage
Plays based on the Bible teach children the history, stories, and values of the Catholic religion. Theatre in education makes the topics more visual and appealing to your child. It challenges his own perception and incorporates the messages into his own everyday thinking. The key messages will be understood, remembered, and moreover, it keeps him connected to God.

Promotes Self-Confidence
Drama is a great tool for boosting self-esteem in young people. Performing on a stage in front of an audience adds value to your child’s creativity. Participating in the arts demands creative thinking and problem-solving — both of which are important to his skill set as he grows up, regardless of what profession he goes into. Taking these risks forces him to trust himself and those around him. This newly-found confidence can be used and applied in every aspect of his future. 

Builds Community and Communication
Through drama classes, your child can meet other students and make new friends they may not have otherwise established communication with. Theatre activities force collaboration with other children and show him how he can work in a team. Together he and his team can enhance verbal and nonverbal ways to express their ideas, which improves voice projection, articulation, and overall communication skills. Theatre is a great opportunity for a child who isn’t interested in sports.

Expands the Imagination
Participating in theatre inspires the imagination by taking stories and bringing them to life. By providing an outlet for making creative choices and interpreting stories in an expressive way, your child will find purpose in going to school and begin to view it as a fun place to be.

Relieves Stress
Your child and his peers are probably stressed, and the performing arts is a fundamental way to relieve that stress. Using their imagination can teach your child how to calm down. He has the option to take a break from the real world and play in a fantasy world for a little bit of time.

At Polk County private schools, we foster an atmosphere of care and an environment of high expectations and effective discipline. To learn more about what makes us different, contact the Office of Catholic Schools at the Diocese of Orlando by dialing 407-246-4800.