Your Child Should Be Playing Minecraft

Video games have been around since the 1970s and evolving ever since. Some have gotten harsher critiques than others, but there are games out there that actually do a great job of teaching vital life skills. Minecraft is one of those safe video games Polk County private schools recommends giving children —they’ll have fun while […]

The Importance of Pets for Children

Lessons are taught every day when your child is growing up. Children are surrounded by a world where they must constantly learn to progress. Sometimes it’s easier when they have a friend by their side. Polk County private schools understand the impact a pet can have on the development of a child. We encourage parents […]

Ways to Celebrate Mom and Dad on National Parents Day

National Parents Appreciation Day is approaching, and Polk County private schools have a few ideas to help your family to celebrate. This day commemorates both of you — the parents — together with shareable presents and activities the whole family will enjoy! Eat a Big Breakfast The best way to bond is over food, right? […]

The Benefits of Theatre in Education

Part of the Catholic education at Polk County private schools is to provide enriching extracurricular activities, including the fine arts. The arts, particularly drama, are an important component of our educational philosophy and encourages students to explore creativity, passion, and curiosity. From Scripture to Stage Plays based on the Bible teach children the history, stories, […]

Learning Spanish For Travel

Don’t let the Spanish skills your children learned in class stay behind for the summer. If your family is visiting a Spanish-speaking country or going on a mission trip, Polk County private schools have helped prepare your children through the Spanish classes we provide. Learning Spanish has many benefits for children and teens as they […]

The Story of Job

The triumph of Job can help teach children to stay determined and faithful during stressful situations. Polk County private schools recognize the Story of Job as an inspirational story for your children. There are many lessons and morals to be valued in Job’s tale about how bad things can happen to good people.  Patience Job […]

Father’s Day DIYs

Father’s Day is just around the corner! Rather than doing something traditional, why not make him a gift? Handmade gifts are special, less expensive, and give children the opportunity to be creative with a hands-on activity. Heartfelt and handmade, Dad will surely love these DIY gifts ideas from Polk County private schools! I Love You […]

Ways to Pray on Vacation

Summer is about to be here and it’s time for a vacation. But vacations can be time-consuming, and prayer can be all too easy to push to tomorrow. Do you feel like you didn’t maintain your prayer routine on your last trip? Did you find it hard to concentrate on God while at the beach? […]

Road Trip Tips

Family vacations and road trips are great, but sometimes that much time in the car can make your children restless. Keep your children busy and entertained with Polk County private schools’ suggestions for long trips and car rides. Bring Audiobooks and Movies All the digital play your child needs can be stored right on a […]

Science Experiments for the Whole Family

At Polk County private schools, we believe science is important in the lives of our children. It allows students the opportunity to develop life skills. Because young children are hands-on learners, we’ve gathered a list of science experiments that the whole family can do! Thanks to household items, classic science experiments have become easier. Bending […]