Embrace National Nutrition Month with These 6 Superfoods

Your child wakes 15 minutes late, rushes through his morning routine, and grabs a toaster pastry as he bolts out the door and into the car. You sigh as you look over your shoulder at the scrambled eggs and glass of milk you prepared. Chances are you have encountered this scenario on more than one […]

Your Child Can Experience Fine Arts in Catholic Schools

While many public schools are trimming budgets by cutting out “extra” classes such as art and music, the best private schools in Lakeland, Florida are discovering how fine arts enhance learning and help children perform better on stage and in the classroom. The Diocese of Orlando offers many opportunities for students to express themselves in […]

The Meaning of Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is an important Holy Day of Obligation for Catholics, although many other religions recognize and observe the implications of this first day of Lent. Students in Lakeland Catholic schools celebrate Ash Wednesday along with the other schools in the Diocese of Orlando by attending Mass, being blessed with the sign of the cross […]

The History of Presidents' Day

Believe it or not, the holiday we celebrate as Presidents’ Day is fairly new; it was originally a celebration of the life of our first president, George Washington. With an abundance of political tactics, the date of Presidents’ Day, as well as the honorees, changed. Polk County Catholic schools in the Diocese of Orlando celebrate […]

Top 5 Mistakes Parents Make When Choosing a School

Today’s hectic schedules sometimes prevent parents from making the best decisions. When it comes to education, the Diocese of Orlando is highlighting the following errors parents should avoid when choosing one of our Catholic schools in Polk County. Visiting a School Only Once Before Making a Decision First impressions are important, but to know a […]

Characteristics of Great Catholic School Teachers

Your child spends the vast majority of his or her waking hours in school. The importance of a good teacher to fill those hours with quality learning is extremely important. Many people are interested in their child’s teacher for one reason: to ensure that child earns good grades. The characteristics of a great Polk County […]

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Your Children

Valentine’s Day is a grand celebration of roses, hearts, and love. In reality, there are many stories about who St. Valentine really was. The Christian Broadcast Network reports that St. Valentine was a priest who married soldiers before they departed for war. While this does not seem like a revolutionary idea, it was against the […]

How Television Impacts Children

The debate between those who approve of television for young children and those who do not has raged for decades. Proponents argue that educational television can open doors to literacy and communication. Opponents point to television violence and inappropriate programming and the aggression it is said to promote. Which side is correct? It depends on […]

Polk County Schools Celebrate Catholic Schools Week

National Catholic Schools Week has been celebrated since 1974 and highlights the opportunities students have with a Catholic education. This year’s theme for National Catholic Schools Week, which is January 29, 2017 through February 4, 2017, is “Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge, and Service.” Polk County Catholic schools in the Diocese of Orlando celebrate […]

Study More Efficiently with These Do’s and Don’ts

Many students regard studying as a chore. They lug home heavy textbooks, spread their notes on the table, and read information several times. Then, when the exam is returned, they are shocked to find their studying did not work. How can they spend their time studying more effectively? The Diocese of Orlando’s Lakeland Catholic school […]