Raising Responsible Online Citizens

As a parent, you recognize the possible threats that lurk on the Internet. In all their innocence, children are easily manipulated and can be persuaded to buy or order goods, talk to strangers, or click on inappropriate websites. Teachers at the Diocese of Orlando’s schools in Polk County give lessons on Internet safety and good […]

How to Live a More Faith-Filled 2017

Life seems to be a little more overwhelming every day. Your job, spouse, children, home, yard, vehicle, pets…everything and everyone want a little more of your time. Trying to balance your career, extracurricular activities, and household chores leaves very little time to rush to church on Sunday, much less contemplate your faith. Give yourself a […]

School Spotlight: St. Anthony Catholic School

St. Anthony Catholic School in Lakeland, Florida is a strong part of the Diocese of Orlando’s Catholic schools in Polk County. With a mission to build a solid faith foundation along with academic excellence and for every child to enter into God’s Kingdom, St. Anthony’s is committed to educating the whole child: mentally, physically, and […]

The Christmas Season is Different in a Catholic School

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ. Unfortunately, commercialization in the 21st century and political correctness has transferred the focus from the birth of Jesus to gift buying and house decorating without any explanation as to why we celebrate these traditions. The Diocese of Orlando’s Catholic schools in Polk County are able to […]

Teacher Spotlight: Resurrection Catholic School’s Heather Gard

When Heather Gard was growing up, she attended what she considers the best Catholic school in Polk County. She may be a bit biased, however, since she is not only a Resurrection alum, she returned as a teacher, educating first graders at Resurrection Catholic School. Polk County Catholic Schools caught up with Heather after school […]

Five Polk County Area Family Volunteer Opportunities

Pope Francis declared this year to be the Year of Mercy. As we are asked to engage in corporal and spiritual works of Mercy, the Diocese of Orlando has a remarkable amount of programs to help the less fortunate throughout Polk County and help you participate in this Jubilee year. Families, students in schools in […]

Making Spring Enrollment Work for Your Child

Transferring from one school to another is difficult on your child. When the transition occurs in the middle of the school year, whether it is because you have moved or changed schools to meet the needs of your child’s education, your child has to catch up on information everyone else may have already learned months […]

4 Ways for Your Family to Celebrate Advent

Anticipation is often underrated. Looking forward to a birthday brings forth butterflies in the stomach, happy thoughts, planning, and eagerness. The anticipation of Christ’s birthday on Christmas is celebrated in the form of Advent in Lakeland Catholic schools and in Catholic communities around the world. The Diocese of Orlando has several suggestions on how your […]

The desks are arranged in neat rows, colorful pictures adorn hallways and classroom bulletin boards, and students have chosen their best work to showcase how successful they have been this school year. It must be time for an open house at Catholic schools in Polk County. Many schools combine Open House with Parent/Teacher Conferences. Teachers […]

Polk County Catholic Schools

St. Joseph Academy was founded as a Catholic school in Polk County in 1938 under the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, New York. In 1987, the nuns handed the reigns to the lay administrators, who took over the duties of caring for students. St. Joseph Academy accepts students from pre-K through 8th grade. These students are […]