5 Tips to Help Prepare for Your Student's Next Test

For many students, test taking can be very emotional and difficult. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be! By being a supportive and involved parent, you can help your student prepare to ace their next test. Many creative methods, many of them involving quality family time, can help your student be better prepared and less anxious […]

Santa Fe Catholic High School's Mentorship Program Provides More Than Just Mentorship

Santa Fe Catholic High School implemented a mentorship program beginning this year. The program has a multifaceted approach to education, teaching students about hunger and poverty, community, human rights, and the environment through actions rather than exams. Working with a mentor, the Lakeland Catholic school students at Santa Fe thought up projects that positively affected […]

Benefits of Participating in Youth Sports

The benefits of sports for children are well documented. From lasting friendships to longer attention spans, sports are a key to unlocking your child’s potential. The Diocese of Orlando’s private schools in Polk County give students the opportunity to participate in many sports. While soccer gives students the chance to interact with their peers and […]

Polk County Catholic Schools

The SAT (Scholastic Assessment Tests) and ACT (American College Testing) are routinely given to high school students to determine if they are ready for college. Most colleges and universities accept either exam, so it is up to the student to decide which exam is a better choice. The Diocese of Orlando prepares its students in […]

How a Catholic Education Can Empower Your Child

Most parents are aware that a private education is beneficial for their child, and these beliefs are often based on the smaller teacher-to-student ratio and a greater emphasis on academics. A Catholic education reaches beyond those statistics to truly empower your child with greater skills inside the classroom as well as after graduation. Read the […]

How Tuition Assistance Can Give Your Child An Opportunity to Excel Academically

Research proves that Catholic schools deliver several advantages over public schools, including higher academic achievement, higher graduation rates for Latino and African American students, greater achievement gains for at-risk students, and higher earnings after graduation than their public school-educated peers. It seems almost all students would benefit from a strong Polk County private school education, […]

Interactive Breakout Session Begins Santa Fe’s School Year

Many schools assign summer reading for their students with an exam on the concepts learned from their readings near the beginning of the new school year. Polk County Catholic high school, Santa Fe Catholic High School, has taken a unique approach to their summer reading program by presenting students with a hands-on, critical thinking, task-based […]

School Spotlight: Santa Fe Catholic High School

The Diocese of Orlando has five high schools with Santa Fe Catholic High School as the only Polk County Catholic school located in Lakeland, FL. Santa Fe Catholic High School opened its doors in 1961 and has grown in size and student population. Students in grades 9-12 are taught to rigorous standards as they learn […]

3 Tips to Prepare Your Child for Picture Day

In your mind, you clearly visualize the school picture of your son or daughter: a neatly dressed child with a beautiful smile and perfectly coiffed hair. The portrait of your dreams will be prominently placed in your home and the homes of grandparents and other relatives. Then, the proofs arrive and you realize your expectations […]

5 Academic Benefits of Catholic Schools in Polk County

Catholic school students in Polk County have several educational advantages over other areas, in part because of an environment which challenges students to be creative and think critically by integrating compassionate service, moral leadership, and faith to create a more benevolent and just world. The Catholic Diocese of Orlando contains over 40 Catholic schools serving […]