Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and this holiday presents the perfect opportunity to thank the mother figures in our lives and show them just how much we appreciate all they do. Have you been searching for creative ways to honor your mother, grandmother, or aunt? Take a look at these things that she’ll […]

Teacher's Appreciation Week

Office of Catholic Schools   May the Peace of Christ be with You!   On behalf of the Bishop, the Office of Catholic Schools, and your administrators, I want to thank you for your ministry to educate and guideour students. Each year at this time we dedicate a week to show our appreciation nationally for all […]

Spotlight on St. Joseph Academy

St. Joseph Academy is celebrating 80 years of providing a world-class education. As a Christ-centered Catholic community rooted in faith, we utilize a relevant and rigorous curriculum to encourage students to strive for academic excellence and use their God-given gifts to change the world. Academics Our instructors provide activities and curriculum that are appropriate to […]

Give Your Kids a Green Thumb: Earth Day

Have you ever been interested in beginning a garden at home? Let Earth Day inspire you to get started! Learn about the benefits of growing food right in your own backyard. Eat Fresh Nothing beats the taste of fresh-picked fruits and vegetables; the texture and flavor far exceed what you can buy at the market. […]

Fasting and Lent

The tradition of fasting during Lent has long been practiced by the Roman Catholic Church. But how much do you know about the history of fasting or how it relates to the Easter season? Learn more about this practice’s history. Why Do We Fast? Have you ever wondered why it’s so important to fast during […]

The Benefits of Band

Did you know that learning a musical instrument and joining band offers valuable learning opportunities? From strengthening coordination and motor skills to building social skills, band can help your child build their self-confidence and perseverance. Children who play instruments develop lifelong skills that benefit them both inside and outside of the classroom. Memory Student musicians […]

Spotlight on Santa Fe

Since 1961, Santa Fe Catholic High School has offered a program of college preparatory studies encompassing values grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We educate today’s students with the same degree of excellence that has been our trademark for over 50 years. Through outstanding academic, spiritual, athletic, artistic, extracurricular, and service programs, we help […]

Start Reading the Bible

We all know that it’s important to read the Bible, but it can be hard to figure out where to start. After all, the Bible has 73 books, which can feel overwhelming! By taking small steps and setting achievable goals, you can dig deeper into God’s Word and build your knowledge and love for the […]

Nuestras Misiónes a la República Dominicana

Participar en un viaje misionario tiene muchos beneficios. Comparta con Maribel Waller de la escuela Resurrection Catholic School en Lakeland, FL y María Del Amo, Directora de Mercadeo para las Escuelas Católicas de la Diócesis de Orlando, durante este podcast dialogarán sobre lo hermoso que es ayudar al prójimo y el impacto positivo que ofrecen […]

The Importance of 40

Throughout the Lenten season, we often hear about the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert, but did you know that the number 40 holds a lot of importance in the Bible? It’s used 159 times, and often typically represents times of testing, trial, or probation. Take a look at Bible stories that include the […]