Beat the Heat With these 3 Craft Ideas

Summer in Florida is hot, and children who attend the Diocese of Orlando’s schools in Polk County often do not realize they are overheated. Keep your little ones inside during the hottest part of the day by letting them complete these creative craft ideas. A clever scrapbook takeoff is a decoupage bowl, platter, or wall […]

8 Tips from Your Polk County School Teachers

School is out, but we know that our Polk County school teachers give excellent advice all year long! During the summer months, our teachers want to help your children keep themselves in tip-top shape in preparation for the new school year in the fall. We’ve compiled some tips from a variety of teachers throughout the […]

Helping Children Develop an Inner Voice

With a strong inner voice, children aren’t stumbling through their days without direction. The Diocese of Orlando’s private schools in Lakeland, Florida ensure their students are able to listen to their inner voice to help them see the world from their own vantage point and help others. A very simple method of helping children develop […]

Rainy Day? Here’s the Perfect Family Movie Marathon

Florida is well known for its afternoon showers, but sometimes, the Sunshine State does not live up to its name for days at a time. Trying to find activities for your children enrolled in schools in Polk County that engage and teach valuable lessons is difficult when all they want to do is go outside. […]

Commemorating the True Meaning of Independence Day

Students enrolled in the Diocese of Orlando’s schools in Polk County eagerly anticipate Independence Day cookouts and fireworks, but what is this holiday’s true meaning? Is there significance to the extravagant firework displays? What are the red, white, and blue colors telling us? Read below to learn the true meaning of Independence Day and the […]

This Summer, Avoid Loss of Learning

The final bell has rung in Polk County private schools in the Diocese of Orlando, and the students finally have the freedom and time to do what they want. The pleasure of nothingness lasts a few days or weeks at most before the average child announces, “I’m bored.” Pump up the summer with these activities […]

Growing in Your Faith Over Break

If your child attends a Lakeland Catholic school, learning is faith-based and his or her spirituality needs are well tended. When school is dismissed for the summer, many children simply stop thinking about looking for God in everyday life and fall into a routine of lounging around the house, playing video games, going to the […]

Dinner: Quality Family Time

Eating dinner as a family does not need to be something you watch on television or fantasize about. It can and should be a common occurrence. Research has shown a strong correlation between increased school grades and eating dinner with family. Likewise, children are less likely to suffer from eating disorders, drug abuse, and depression […]

4 Crafts to Show Dad You Care this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a great time to celebrate the best dad ever! Give the dad in your life a gift he will treasure always – something homemade from his children who attend one of the Diocese of Orlando’s schools in Polk County. Gather your children together and look through these fantastic ideas of Father’s Day […]

7 Tips from Santa Fe Graduates

High school is a time of transition from adolescence to adulthood, and the four-year journey includes many instances where Polk County Catholic high school students may find themselves unprepared for what is to come. This year’s Santa Fe Catholic High School graduates have compiled seven tried and true tips to help their Diocese of Orlando […]