10 Key Senior Takeaways

Seniors at Santa Fe Catholic High School are now able to look back over their four years enrolled in the best Polk County Catholic high school in the Diocese of Orlando and realize many things they wish they knew four years ago. To make the journey toward graduation easier for the Class of 2021 and […]

Life After Graduation

The graduating Class of 2017 is about to take the world by storm. Many seniors have considered which college they plan on attending and have sent applications to several universities in preparation for a life after graduation. Throughout their lives, the focus has been graduating from a Lakeland private high school, but now that goal […]

4 Activities to Do With Mom

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. If you are still contemplating the perfect gift, read the below information brought to you by the Diocese of Orlando. These clever ideas will make Mom’s Day even more special because you cared enough to plan a special day with her in mind. Rest assured the Catholic schools […]

Helping Children Understand the Ascension

Jesus ascended into heaven by His own power. That in itself is remarkable. He also planned his ascension 40 days after His resurrection, mirroring the 40 days prior to the Easter Passover. Many of the apostles write about the ascension in the Bible, and while millions of people have read the passages, the full implication […]

13 Can’t-Miss Pre-Graduation Events

The Diocese of Orlando’s school year is winding down, and seniors at the Catholic high school in Lakeland, Santa Fe Catholic High School, are gearing up for graduation. Before the ceremony, the Class of 2017 has many important events to attend. The time before graduation will flash by, so students are encouraged to take a […]

Most children graduate from high school and consider college their next logical step. Their thoughts are generally turned toward studying, hanging out with friends, dating, and whether to live on or off campus. Some students, especially those attending Catholic schools in Polk County or other Catholic schools in the Diocese of Orlando, find their vocation […]

Easter’s Rich History

Although most Christians note the value of Jesus’ birth, it is His crucifixion and resurrection at Easter that saved humanity’s sins. Although the Sunday in which Easter is observed changes from year to year – it is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox – the days and weeks leading […]

Prepping for Tests

The Lakeland Catholic school, Santa Fe Catholic High School, will soon offer a series of standardized tests for its students. On April 8th, the ACT will be presented followed by the ACT ASPIRE on April 25 for its ninth and tenth graders. May 6th will be dedicated to SAT testing. These exams determine college readiness […]

Keeping Your Child Interested in Science

When your three-year-old interrupts your every thought with, “why, Mommy?” he is, in all actuality, trying to make sense of the world around him. This is his first taste of science: the power of inquiry. When you answer the questions scientifically instead of with a terse “because,” you are allowing your child to become a […]

6 Skills Your Child Should Master by High School

Parents want the very best for their children. To this end, they ensure their children sail through life with the minimum of struggle. This overparenting feels so right, but leaves children unprepared for adulthood. The Diocese of Orlando has a short list of essential skills for Lakeland Catholic school students to learn before they graduate. […]