Catholic Schools

Start Reading the Bible

We all know that it’s important to read the Bible, but it can be hard to figure out where to start. After all, the Bible has 73 books, which can feel overwhelming! By taking small steps and setting achievable goals, you can dig deeper into God’s Word and build your knowledge and love for the […]

The Value of a Catholic Education

Lakeland private schools are dedicated to providing an environment where students are encouraged to embrace their full potential and challenged to become creative and critical thinkers. Our schools are more than places to learn; they are families. Take a look at what we have to offer! Small Classroom Sizes: Thanks to our small classroom sizes, […]

Catholic Schools Week

Private schools in Lakeland, FL are so excited to kick off Catholic Schools Week! Take a look at our incredible schools and what we have to offer. Resurrection Catholic School Open House Dates: Sunday, January 27 from 9:00-noon Tuesday, January 29 8:30-10am Did You Know? Located on the 20-acre grounds on the Church of the […]

New Year, New Study Habits

The turkey’s been eaten, the Christmas tree has been taken down, and the ball has dropped in Times Square. That can only mean one thing: it’s time to go back to school. Cue the groans from children and cheers from parents. As much as your children may be anticipating the new school semester, it’s important […]

What’s Your Student’s Learning Style?

Have you ever tried to help your student with her homework, only to make her even more distraught? This can be a frustrating situation for both students and parents. However, it’s possible that you simply aren’t presenting the information in a way that’s conducive to her learning style! Everyone learns differently, and your learning style […]

Principal Spotlight: Janet Peddecord

Janet Peddecord never planned on being an administrator, but when she moved from Wisconsin to Florida in 2005, everything changed. Peddecord has been in education for 46 years. She got her start in the classroom, driven by her passion for teaching and her love for her students. But one day, the priest at a school […]

School Leaders Graduate From Emmaus Leadership Series

The Emmaus Leadership Series is a powerful, leadership development program for Catholic school principals and heads of schools. It is designed to cultivate transformative leaders in Catholic education. We are honored to announce that two school leaders from our diocese, Lou Pereira, President of Trinity Catholic, and Deborah Schwope, Principal of Resurrection Catholic School, are […]

Help Your Child Manage Stress

Today’s children are under an enormous amount of pressure to succeed, and sometimes that can induce stress or anxiety. While a certain amount of stress is a natural, human response to tense situations, it’s important that we teach our children how to cope with these feelings so that they learn how to plan, problem solve, […]

Just Two More Bites: Picky Eater Strategies

“Ew! Is there chicken in my chicken nugget??” “…yes?” “But Mommy always takes the chicken out of my chicken nugget!” This was an interaction my sister had while babysitting our little neighbors years ago. Bewildered, she took the plate back into the kitchen, pretended to remove all the chicken, and returned the “chicken-free” chicken nuggets […]

It’s Not About the Candy

When it comes to Easter celebrations, your children are surely looking forward to family traditions, egg hunts, and of course, their favorite sweets. However, don’t just gift them with candy this year. Help your family focus on what’s truly important by incorporating faith into your Easter egg hunt with these fun ideas! Glow-in-the-Dark Easter Egg […]