Ways to Celebrate Mom and Dad on National Parents Day

National Parents Appreciation Day is approaching, and Polk County private schools have a few ideas to help your family to celebrate. This day commemorates both of you — the parents — together with shareable presents and activities the whole family will enjoy! Eat a Big Breakfast The best way to bond is over food, right? […]

Father’s Day DIYs

Father’s Day is just around the corner! Rather than doing something traditional, why not make him a gift? Handmade gifts are special, less expensive, and give children the opportunity to be creative with a hands-on activity. Heartfelt and handmade, Dad will surely love these DIY gifts ideas from Polk County private schools! I Love You […]

Ways to Pray on Vacation

Summer is about to be here and it’s time for a vacation. But vacations can be time-consuming, and prayer can be all too easy to push to tomorrow. Do you feel like you didn’t maintain your prayer routine on your last trip? Did you find it hard to concentrate on God while at the beach? […]

Road Trip Tips

Family vacations and road trips are great, but sometimes that much time in the car can make your children restless. Keep your children busy and entertained with Polk County private schools’ suggestions for long trips and car rides. Bring Audiobooks and Movies All the digital play your child needs can be stored right on a […]

Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and this holiday presents the perfect opportunity to thank the mother figures in our lives and show them just how much we appreciate all they do. Have you been searching for creative ways to honor your mother, grandmother, or aunt? Take a look at these things that she’ll […]

Power Up: Snacks for Studying

We want the exam to be a piece of cake, but we don’t want our students to study with a piece of cake! Take a look at some of the best brain foods for your student to snack on while she studies. Ants on a Log This long-time favorite is the perfect study snack. Crunchy […]

Catholic Schools Week

Private schools in Lakeland, FL are so excited to kick off Catholic Schools Week! Take a look at our incredible schools and what we have to offer. Resurrection Catholic School Open House Dates: Sunday, January 27 from 9:00-noon Tuesday, January 29 8:30-10am Did You Know? Located on the 20-acre grounds on the Church of the […]

Keep An Organized Backpack

There’s one thing all parents know for sure: children and cleanliness don’t typically mix well. If your child’s backpack has gotten out of hand, the middle of the year is a great time to start over and implement some new organizational strategies. Here are a few ways to tackle the mess! Is It The Backpack? […]

Combat Procrastination

We’ve all been there — it’s half an hour before bedtime, and your child suddenly pulls out a new project. She informs you it’s due the next morning, and after a little digging, you find out she’s known about it for three weeks. Procrastination can sidetrack a child’s academic potential and her love for learning. […]

Top 5 Kid-Friendly Pumpkin Carving Tips

Nothing says autumn like a beautifully (or at least lovingly) carved pumpkin. From the initial pumpkin patch trip to carving together on the back porch while sipping hot chocolate, pumpkin carving is a memorable family activity. Remember these tips and tricks from private schools in Lakeland, FL for the best experience! Pick the Perfect Pumpkin […]