Why Catholic School?

Choosing a school for your child can be overwhelming and stressful. You may be considering a private school, but assume Catholic schools are only for children who identify with the religion. That is not the case at all. A Catholic education offers so much more than the church, and welcomes people of all faiths and backgrounds. The Catholic school value and advantage are implemented in the curriculum and philosophy at Polk County Catholic schools

Lower Cost
Parents often think Catholic schools come with a hefty tuition. Catholic schools are actually less expensive than our standard private school counterparts. The National Catholic Education Association states the average cost of Catholic elementary school is $4,400 a year, with Catholic high school at $9,840 a year. The annual cost of a private elementary and private high school is $9,263 a year and $14,017 a year, respectfully. Additionally, our schools offer tuition and scholarship assistance.

Academic Excellence
A Catholic education is challenging, with high standards, effective discipline, and a fostering of excellence. Our students score significantly above average on standardized tests. Students develop better writing skills because there is such an emphasis on study. Reports all around the country state Catholic schools have higher graduation rates and students are more likely to attend college. 

Values and Service
The basis of Catholicism is community service. In fact, nuns dedicate their lives to service and charity. Our Christ-centered curriculum is full of ways to give back, be kind, and grow into a good human being. Our lessons sing the song of the gospel. Service is normally not part of many educational atmospheres. We encourage our students to participate in service and build bonds with their families and peers. Because of this, they tend to excel as they feel a sense of belonging in their community.

Safe and Secure
Our schools foster an environment that provides parents with peace of mind. We want your child to thrive in a safe atmosphere, where she is taken care of, being valued, and is loved as a child of God. Our facilities are safe and secure, and our faculty supports the success of your child.

At Polk County Catholic schools, we foster an atmosphere of care and an environment of high expectations and effective discipline. To learn more about what makes us different, contact the Office of Catholic Schools at the Diocese of Orlando by dialing 407-246-4800.