Christmas Traditions to Start With Your Family

Start the season off right with these fun activities the whole family will enjoy while creating some new traditions that allow you to truly experience the joyous holiday.

Countdown to Christmas

Generate some anticipation for Christmas with a countdown. A fantastic way to do this is through an Advent calendar, where a small treat accompanies each day’s piece of Jesus’s story. Here is a step-by-step tutorial for making your own Advent calendar.

Mail Letters to the North Pole

Not only is writing letters to Santa a great way to find out what gifts your children are hoping for, but it’s also a great excuse to have them practice their writing skills outside of the classroom! Adopt an Elf on the Shelf for various activities of family fun, or mail your letter to Santa with these exciting options.

Visit a Tree Farm

Just like pumpkin patches in the fall, tree farms are more than just for hunting down the perfect tree. Many tree farms have hayrides or other family-friendly activities for you to enjoy, and if you’re lucky, Santa may even make an appearance!

Start an Ornament Collection

Your tree is a focal point in your home every Christmas, and the ornaments you hang on it tell a story about your family. Why not add to that story by creating a collection that commemorates important memories, such as your child’s first Christmas and using their favorite toy or character from that year.

Learn About Other Cultural Traditions

Broaden your family’s cultural awareness by learning and trying out a tradition from a different culture each year. Perhaps it’s as small as learning how to say “Merry Christmas” in another language, or as big as learning to make a traditional holiday dish from another country.

Give Back

The holidays may be joyous for you and your family, but the season can be a tough time of year for many families who are struggling or can’t afford to provide gifts for their children. Teach your kids about the spirit of giving by adopting a family, wrapping gifts for kids in need, volunteering at a local shelter or soup kitchen, writing greeting cards for soldiers stationed abroad, or donating old clothing and toys to charity.

There are so many ways you can spend more time celebrating the season with your family and these suggestions are only the beginning, so make the most of your holidays this year and start some new traditions with your loved ones!

During Advent season, we want to encourage our children and parents to remember the life of our Lord. Bishop John Noonan, from the Diocese of Orlando, talks about walking in God’s path and coming together to celebrate our community and our Church during the Jubilee Year of the Eucharist. To see more of Bishop Noonan’s message, click here. At our Lakeland Catholic schools, we foster an atmosphere of care and an environment of high expectations and effective discipline. To learn more about our Catholic schools in Lakeland, contact us at 407-246-4800.