DIY Advent Wreath

Amidst the chaos of December, it can be easy to lose sight of the reason for the season, but an Advent wreath is a great way to remind your family and children what Advent is really about. It’s also simple to make your own Advent wreath to place in your home! Take a look at how:


  • Wireframe
  • Five candles: three purple, one pink, and a white one for the center
  • Evergreen boughs
  • Optional decorative items and optional candle holders

How to Make
The first step is to lay out your wireframe. Metal frames can typically be found at a craft store, a Catholic bookstore, or online. Frames that are made for Advent wreaths will have candleholders fastened directly onto the frame, so if your frame is more generic, you’ll need to add your own candle holders. This prevents the wax from getting all over the wreath or the table. You can get creative with these! There’s no need to use actual candle holders if you don’t have any, so feel free to try using Mason jars, flower pots, or cake plates.

Next, cut some evergreen boughs (real or artificial), and weave them through the frame. If your boughs are real, use young branches that are pliable and easy to bend. If necessary, use floral wire to attach the branches to the frame. You can also add ribbons, pinecones, twine, burlap, berries, or any other similar decorations that will spruce up your wreath.

Finally, remember that the candles need to last for all 28 days of Advent, so choose ones that are tall. Traditionally, an Advent wreath has three purple candles and one pink candle! These wreaths often have a fifth candle, the Christ Candle, to be lit on Christmas Eve. The candles will sit upright on the wreath.

How to Use
Advent begins the fourth Sunday before Christmas, but many reading plans start on December 1st. On the first week of Advent, light the first candle, on the second week, light the first and second candle, and so forth. Every day of the week, complete that day’s reading. The Advent candles represent the hope, prayer, and joy surrounding the birth of Jesus.

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