Easy Ways to Get Children Excited About the Bible

It can be hard for children to get excited about reading the Bible! But it’s full of important lessons and stories from God, so how do you teach them to look forward to Bible time? These tips from Polk County private schools can help you bring the Bible to life.

Lead by Example
Children mimic what they see, and if they see you reading your Bible frequently, they’ll be encouraged to do the same. Don’t just pull out your Bible when you’re teaching them — make it part of your daily routine!

Make it Accessible
Sometimes, children find it difficult to understand the Bible, especially when it features dense blocks of tiny text. It’s up to you to show your child how to use the Bible. Even if he’s too little to read on his own, make sure he has his own Bible! Look into child-friendly versions, and read some of his favorite stories out loud. As he grows, help him look up specific stories, highlight verses that speak to him, and research the history and context behind different passages. This makes the Bible much more approachable.

Explain Its Importance
When children understand what the Bible is — God speaking directly to us — it becomes a lot more engaging. Help your child get excited about this! Tell her how much God loves her and how important it is to Him that we live in a way that honors Him. Emphasize the fact that the Bible is how God lays out His expectations for us, tells us meaningful stories, and helps us understand His love for us.

Guide Them Through
Reading the Bible can seem like a challenging task. Instead of expecting your child to navigate the Bible on her own, walk her through it with stories, study plans, and age-appropriate devotionals. Lining up stories and lessons in meaningful ways can make the Bible easier to understand and enjoy.

Tie the Bible Into Their Everyday Lives
Young children might wonder what they can learn from people who lived thousands of years ago, but it’s crucial to explain that the stories in the Bible are just as meaningful now as they were back then! When you come across a problem or challenge in a Bible story, compare it to a problem that your child experiences in his own life. He’ll see that God remains the same even as the world changes, making the lessons of the Bible applicable and relevant today.

Helping your children learn to love the Bible is a great way to lay the foundation for a solid spiritual life. Use these tips to create a Bible study program that keeps your little ones engaged and interested!

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