Faithful Resolutions

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, many of us fall back on the classics:
“I’m finally going to lose weight!”
“This year, I’m going to eat healthier and work out more.”
“I have a plan to spend less and save more.”
While these are all great resolutions, why not consider a faith-based resolution as well? Here are a few resolutions that will strengthen your faith and your relationship with God.

Join a Bible Study: It can be intimidating to step outside of your comfort zone and join a new Bible study. Bible studies are great for accountability, meeting new people, and learning from other perspectives. If you can’t find one you like, start your own!

Tackle Your Questions: Are there passages in the Bible that frustrate you or cause you to doubt? Let these questions fuel your faith! Dive into research, find books from a variety of authors, and seek out advice or knowledge from trusted mentors in your life. Remember that we are not supposed to understand everything about God; if we did, He wouldn’t be the amazing God He is! Don’t get discouraged when you can’t answer every question.

Spend Time in The Word: Commit to reading your Bible — but start small! Begin by reading three times a week, or maybe 5 minutes every morning.

Forgiveness: Is there someone who you’ve been struggling to forgive? This year, prioritize forgiving them and moving on.

Go For a Walk: Start each morning with a walk. Connect with God through nature, or use this time to listen to your favorite worship music or religious podcast.

Attend Church Regularly: It can be hard to get out of bed early on a Sunday morning, but God makes it clear that we are not meant to walk the journey of faith alone. Find a church you love and join a community.

Enjoy Books: Are there any spiritual or religious books that you’ve had your eye on, but never have time to read? This is the perfect opportunity to do so. Choose a new book each month, and share what you learned with a friend.

Volunteer at Youth Group: Youth groups can always benefit from kind, consistent volunteers who love sharing their faith, helping out the youth pastor, and getting silly or messy every once in a while (and they’d never say no to a delicious, home-cooked meal).

Mentor a Student: After getting involved at your church’s youth group, you may find students who are lacking a mother or father figure. Resolve to step into their lives and love them like Jesus would! Get together for coffee, host a Bible study for students, and attend their sports games. You can make a difference just by encouraging them and being present.

Start or Increase Tithing: Tithing can sound scary, especially if you struggle to make ends meet. But it may be easier to tithe when you realize that the money was never yours to begin with; you’re giving back to God what was His.

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