Science Experiments for the Whole Family

At Polk County private schools, we believe science is important in the lives of our children. It allows students the opportunity to develop life skills. Because young children are hands-on learners, we’ve gathered a list of science experiments that the whole family can do! Thanks to household items, classic science experiments have become easier.

Bending Water  
For a lesson in electrical currents and static electricity, you’ll want to bend water with a comb. Yes, you read that correctly! This science experiment couldn’t be any easier. It’s the simplest way to teach children about electrical currents. All you need is a fine-tooth comb and a faucet with running water. Start by setting the water to a thin stream and into a steady flow. Then comb your hair vigorously several times. When you are done, place the comb vertically and parallel to the running water. The electricity you generated with the comb and hair cause the water to bend toward the comb. Here is the step-by-step guide to the trick that defies gravity!

Regrow Leftovers  
Re-growing food from scraps is a great lesson in photosynthesis and plant science. Choose something fast and easy, like green onions! Get the regrowing details at Mrs. Happy Homemaker.

Build a Film Canister Rocket
It’s not rocket science — oh, but this time it literally is! This science experiment, by The Science Kiddo, takes popular baking soda-vinegar experiments to the next level. By using that creation of energy and gas, your rocket jets off into the sky. It’s perfect for space-lovers.

Glowing Bubbles
Sublimation is when a substance passes directly from a solid phase to a gas phase without ever becoming liquid. Starting by adding dry ice to the bubble solution and you’ve got yourself an activated glow stick! Owlcation developed this experiment to create glowing bubbles that rise from the smoke. The Maker Mom added dry ice to the same experiment here. Make sure an adult is handling the dry ice.

Make Elephant Toothpaste
Elephants have to brush their teeth just like we do, right? But how? With elephant toothpaste! Mix your own and learn the science behind heat releasing, also called dynamic exothermic. Follow the instructions from Asia Citro at Fun at Home With Kids for your lesson in chemistry.

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