Father’s Day DIYs

Father’s Day is just around the corner! Rather than doing something traditional, why not make him a gift? Handmade gifts are special, less expensive, and give children the opportunity to be creative with a hands-on activity. Heartfelt and handmade, Dad will surely love these DIY gifts ideas from Polk County private schools!

I Love You This Much Card
Don’t go for the traditional and generic store-bought card. This crafty and unique card will really show Dad how much he’s loved! Trace your child’s handprints onto construction paper, cut them out, and attach them to accordion-folded paper that spreads apart to let Dad know he’s loved THIS much!

Jackpot Lottery
Everyone wants to win the lottery, so giving Dad the jackpot win is the perfect gift. Learn how to make a cute scratch-off ticket, which reveals prizes from a fishing trip to his favorite meal. The possibilities are endless for this winning dad!

Hooked on You Candy Jar
If Dad has a sweet tooth, this is a sure-fire way to satisfy it! All you need is a mason jar, gummy worms, chalkboard paint with brushes, and decoration for the jar to make this sweet gift.

10 Things I Love About You
This adorable present from EzeBreezy is a thoughtful and inexpensive way to show Dad how much he means to the family. Have the children list 10 things they love about their dad, then add them to popsicle sticks. Once you write all of the compliments down, hot glue a piece of string to the back. Loop the string so Dad can display his gift on his desk as a reminder of how loved he is.

Love Coaster
Create a coaster with Dad’s favorite colors and objects. All you need for this keepsake project is a jar lid, plaster, mixing bowl, and fun items like letters, beads, and buttons.

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