How to Celebrate All Saints Day on November 1st

Also known as the Feast of the Saints, All Saints Day is a day dedicated to the saints of the church. This is a wonderful time for you and your family to reflect on your favorite saints, serve your community, and grow closer to God! Take a look at a few ways you can celebrate the holiday together this year.

Pumpkin Carving
Instead of carving a toothy grin into your Halloween pumpkin, use this as an opportunity to share the love of God and remember your favorite saints. Depending on how artistic you and your child are, you could carve anything from the nativity scene to communion to the cross. By printing out images of stained glass windows, you could also transform your pumpkin into the windows of St. Peter’s Basilica. If you’re feeling especially ambitious, you could even carve the last supper!

Donut Delivery
Celebrate this holy day with “hole-y” treats! Talk to your child about how the hole in the middle of the donut reminds us of our call to holiness and eternity, and how we can remember the holy lives of saints. Bake a large batch, such as this recipe for 18 servings, so you can deliver extras to friends, family, and neighbors!

Reverse Trick or Treat
This is a great activity for your entire family to enjoy together. Pack up little bags of candy, tie on a note about All Saints Day, and go to your local nursing home to hand out the sweets to the residents. You can also suggest that your child dresses up as her favorite saint to hand out the candy! You and your children will love getting the chance to bring a smile to the residents, and it’s the perfect opportunity to talk to your child about loving people as Jesus does.

Spend Time With God As a Family
As a family, sit down and talk about your favorite saints. Explain how they inspire you to live holy, faithful lives that share God with the world, and come up with ways that you can all start living holier lives together. Make sure that you take time to pray as a family before the day comes to an end!

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