It’s Not About the Candy

When it comes to Easter celebrations, your children are surely looking forward to family traditions, egg hunts, and of course, their favorite sweets. However, don’t just gift them with candy this year. Help your family focus on what’s truly important by incorporating faith into your Easter egg hunt with these fun ideas!

Glow-in-the-Dark Easter Egg Hunt

Purchase glow bracelets at a dollar store and seal them in translucent eggs. Hide the eggs at night, in a dark area of your home, or simply turn off the lights. After the hunt, gather your children to share how Jesus is the light of the world. He guides us — much like the eggs in the dark — because He is alive, and we can have new life through Him.

Around-the-Church Easter Egg Hunt

Speak with your pastor about organizing a church egg hunt that allows your children and new church families to get acquainted with the campus and meet other families. Create a map of clues to lead participants to the right areas to locate their eggs.

The Truths of Easter

Instead of a traditional egg hunt, set up stations that focus on the real meaning behind Easter, such as the Last Supper, Jesus praying in the garden, Jesus’ trial, the cross, and the empty tomb. At each station, children receive an egg containing scripture and a representative candy or item. For example, at the empty tomb, that may be a round stone to represent the one rolled away from the tomb entrance.

Faith-Based Puzzle

Fill each Easter egg with a piece of a faith-inspired puzzle, and after every egg has been found, have your children work together to build the puzzle itself! You could also have each of your children build their own puzzles, encouraging them to help each other so they can receive the group prize of a movie night or special family dinner.

Saint-Filled Eggs

Fill your eggs with pictures of various Saints and information about them. Then ask your children to read the information out loud to everyone as they open their eggs. To add some fun, have each child read in a different accent, or ask them to read just a few facts as clues so the rest of the family can guess the Saint!

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