Keep An Organized Backpack

There’s one thing all parents know for sure: children and cleanliness don’t typically mix well. If your child’s backpack has gotten out of hand, the middle of the year is a great time to start over and implement some new organizational strategies. Here are a few ways to tackle the mess!

Is It The Backpack?
Consider whether the backpack itself might be the problem. A good backpack will be comfortable, durable, and spacious. It should contain enough pockets and compartments to keep everything organized, but not so many that it becomes a frustration.

Give Your Child Input
As you start the organization process, make sure to work with your child, and let him give input every step of the way. The state of his backpack can strongly impact his ability to stay on top of things! An organized backpack means that his homework is in the right folder (and with him), that he has all the notebooks he needs for the day, and that he can quickly find the pencil or highlighter he needs.

Organize the Little Things
It’s easy to lose small items, such as erasers, pens, and highlighters, in a big backpack. By purchasing a pencil bag or case, it will be much easier for your child to find writing utensils!

Get Into a Nighttime Routine
As the new semester begins, encourage your child to unpack his backpack every night and then re-pack it for the next day. This will help prevent it from becoming a catchall. As soon as he gets home from school, have him throw away any trash or papers that are no longer needed. After he’s done his homework, gotten any papers signed, and packed his lunch for the next day, help him to repack his backpack. Soon, this will become a daily habit!

Make it Easy
The daily organizational process should be a quick one. Create a checklist to post in a visible place so your child can easily be reminded of everything he needs to do. This checklist might read something like: “Unpack backpack and lunch box; throw away trash; take homework to a desk; give other papers to Mom; place backpack by shoes at the front door.” When the expectations are laid out up front, many children can easily keep their backpack organized throughout the year.

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