How to Keep Faith Alive When Transitioning to College

New town, new friends, new classes, new responsibilities, and a new environment: is it any wonder that college can seem overwhelming? Not to mention the difficulty of finding a new faith-based community, church, or Bible study. However, keeping and growing your faith while you’re at college doesn’t have to be difficult. Start with the three things listed below.

The Eucharist


The Eucharist is the center of the Catholic faith and the perfect place to reconnect with Jesus. Your new church’s Mass may not be exactly like your home parish’s, but no matter where you go, Jesus will always be there, particularly through the Eucharist.



While the Eucharist is a sure way to physically connect with God, your Bible is a closer and more immediate way to find Him in between visits to the altar. Spend time each day to dive into the Scriptures. Push through when it’s hard to focus, write down questions, and search out answers.



It is said that we are stronger in numbers, and when it comes to keeping a strong faith, this is certainly true. No matter how big or small your school, search out others who want to stay strong in their faith. They may be part of your campus ministry, or perhaps a Newman Center, or maybe just a small faith-sharing group. No matter where you find them, they will understand what it’s like to live out a Catholic faith as a student on your campus, and they will be there to support you.

College is a wonderful time full of exploration and independence, but it doesn’t mean you have to lose the connection you’ve built with God. Go to mass, take your Bible with you, and make some new friends – in and outside of the Church – and make the most of this season in your life.

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