Learning Spanish For Travel

Don’t let the Spanish skills your children learned in class stay behind for the summer. If your family is visiting a Spanish-speaking country or going on a mission trip, Polk County private schools have helped prepare your children through the Spanish classes we provide. Learning Spanish has many benefits for children and teens as they grow to become well-rounded adults. Just 10 to 15 minutes of Spanish activities a day can help them remember what they were taught in school.

Art and Games
Learning Spanish is easy when you use your senses and body parts! Start by printing out a large graphic of a head. Introduce the eyes, or “los ojos,” by identifying eye colors. Introducing “las orejas,”  or the ears, can be fun by coloring and cutting out ears your child can put on the head. Then conduct listening activities, such as playing animal noises, and have your child use his “ears” to guess what animal it is. For “la boca” or the mouth, play a game of telephone by passing around a message in Spanish. Fun, hands-on activities like these will keep your child engaged and entertained. 

Download Apps
Language learning is made easy with your cellphone or tablet. The play store has a lot of resources for your family to practice Spanish. Apps are a great hands-on activity your child can learn from, and he may even look at it as a game he wants to play. For young learners, Gus on the Go is a go-to for simple vocabulary practices. Spanish School Bus comes with vocabulary games and music. For older students who may be struggling or trying to catch up, studying Spanish over the summer is great practice, with these apps: DuoLingo, Babbel, and Flash Academy.

Watch YouTube
YouTube has a lot of free resources for learning languages. The great things about YouTube is that you can slow the videos down to better comprehend the words. Replace their usual shows with Spanish ones, such as ¡Oh Noah! PBS Series, Peppa Pig Español Latino, and Pocoyó.

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