Personalize School Supplies for DIY Fun

As the new school year gets closer and store aisles flood with families checking off supply lists, you might notice — a lot of supplies look the same, and the colorful, patterned supplies your child begs for always cost more. However, he can personalize his own school supplies at home, and not only will it cost less, but it’s a fun way to get him excited about going back to school! Take a look at some of our favorite DIY ideas.

Make A Brand
Get a silver or gold permanent marker and a stamp image of your child’s choosing. Then place this “trademark” on school items like backpacks, glue bottles, and rulers to add a personalized touch!  

Use Decorative Tape
If you and your child are running low on time or simply want to skip a big mess, try washi tape or duct tape in a pattern of your child’s choosing. Place the tape on pencils, tops of pencil cases, and the outsides of marker packs for a funky, stylish twist.

Collage It
Help your child choose images, such as family photos, pictures of her favorite animals, or patterned scrapbook paper. Then, cut out the images and glue them to the fronts of her folders and binders.  

Color Code
Whether you plan on decorating your child’s school supplies or not, purchasing everything in coordinated colors will help your child keep track of what’s hers among other students’ supplies. Writing her name in a colored sharpie or in puff paint is a fun way to help her differentiate her items.

Craft It
If you want to get even more creative, here are some clever DIY craft ideas that are sure to guarantee your student will head back to school with supplies he can really be proud of!

  • Pencil Holders
    Not only is a washi tape pencil holder incredibly cute, it uses a recycled can. This saves you money and teaches your child the value of reusing materials!
  • Pencil Cases
    An upcycled soda box makes a great pencil case! This fun DIY lets your child reuse materials while letting her flaunt a little of her bright personality with her favorite treat!
  • Pencil Toppers
    These pencil toppers and supplies will add some fun personality to your student’s writing utensils.
  • Bookmarks
    Your student will never lose her spot in her book again! These bookmarks are stylish and easy to make.
  • Binder Clips
    Use up leftover tape or spray paint, and add some personality to old binder clips. It’s the little things like this that will get your student excited to organize her papers and get back to school!

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