Power Up: Snacks for Studying

We want the exam to be a piece of cake, but we don’t want our students to study with a piece of cake! Take a look at some of the best brain foods for your student to snack on while she studies.

Ants on a Log
This long-time favorite is the perfect study snack. Crunchy celery is a great way to keep your mouth busy while you study without reaching for a fattier snack like potato chips. Spread your favorite nut butter on the celery for an extra burst of healthy fats and protein, and cover the nut butter with raisins or cranberries.

Trail Mix
Create your own trail mix with dark chocolate, berries, and nuts. Be careful when it comes to choosing chocolate from the supermarket; teach your child to avoid unnecessary preservatives or over-processed food. The darker the chocolate, the better the benefits! Add colorful berries, especially dried blueberries, which can improve memories, aid brain function, and protect from stress. Walnuts, almonds, peanuts, and hazelnuts are all great choices to add in as well.

While this might seem like a strange study snack, broccoli is chock full of vitamins C and K, as well as choline to enhance your child’s memory. Get them excited about broccoli by letting them dip it in cheese (a limited amount) or their favorite dressing (also a limited amount).

Green Smoothie
It might be a challenge to convince your child to snack on celery, broccoli, or even kale, but if you blend up those greens with delicious berries and their favorite nut butter, they’ll never know the difference! If the green color makes them hesitate, don’t stress — just put the smoothie in a solid cup with a straw that they can’t see through.

Avocados are a perfect brain food. They’re loaded with healthy fats and improve memory and concentration! Add avocado to a toasted piece of whole grain bread and add a delicious seasoning, such as “Everything But the Bagel” seasoning, for a yummy snack. (You can also add an egg to the toast for some additional healthy fat and quality protein.) If avocados aren’t your child’s favorite thing, you can easily sneak it into a berry smoothie! It won’t affect the taste; it’ll only make the smoothie creamy and delicious.

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