How to Prepare Students for a High School Transition

Transitioning from middle to high school can seem daunting and overwhelming for even the most well-equipped students. Prepare your child to enter this new chapter by setting them up for success with these tips.

Keep Records

If you plan to choose a high school that requires admission, make sure to keep copies of your student’s report cards, school records, and other important documents to avoid paperwork delays with school administrators.

Strategically Research

Every high school in Polk County offers unique qualities that might appeal to your child’s needs differently. Be sure to identify what qualities and programs each school has to offer and weigh those according to your child’s desires.

Encourage Autonomy

Students will quickly learn independence when it comes to studying and completing homework. This is to prepare for college, where a student’s success depends on their own accountability. Promote self-sufficiency at home to help your child prepare for these changes. This can include everything from preparing their own lunches to sending their own emails.

Grow Social Skills

Success in high school is undoubtedly more than passing standardized tests. Try to eat family dinners together as much as possible to help your child practice their conversational skills and spark deeper dialogues beyond day-to-day small talk.

High school can be an overwhelming change from the comparably sheltered structure of middle school. With these tips in mind, you’re sure to pave the way for your child’s success in high school and beyond!

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