Put the You in Youth Group

“Do I have to go?”

Have you ever been on your way to drop off your child at her weekly youth group only to hear this question pop up from the backseat? Whether you’re trying a new church or have been attending the same one for years, those weeks happen; maybe none of your child’s close friends are going that week and she’s nervous, or maybe she hasn’t found a place to fit in yet. Take time to listen to her and sympathize with her feelings, and then encourage her to remember the great parts of going to youth group.

Exciting Events
Let’s be honest — youth group is actually pretty fun. Where else are you going to find teenagers cheering each other on as they compete in fort building contests, messy shaving cream fights, and midnight Nerf wars? As your child gets older, his life will only get more busy and stressful, and youth group will always be there as a weekly respite of fun with friends.

The Value of Community
At youth group, your child gets involved in a community that’s bigger than themselves. She can make friends who have the same values as her, who can relate to her experiences, and who can encourage her and challenge her in all the best ways.

The Joy of Serving
Teenagers discover that their age can’t prevent them from making a huge impact on the world. They become empowered. Your child gets the opportunity to serve the world in a variety of ways, whether it’s going on international mission trips or serving meals to the homeless, and he gets to do so with his friends and community by his side. He learns more every day about what it means to love the world like Jesus does.

A Safe Space
There’s something special about the freedom that comes within the safe space of a healthy youth group. An effective ministry will lay the foundation of your child’s faith and help her to tackle her struggles, challenging her to open up and grow; and encourage her to include her parents in on her journey as well.

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