Questions to Ask Before You Say Yes to Your Child

This day and age, families and parents are busier than ever. Typically, with two-working-parent households and increased socialization thanks to social media, we find ourselves constantly occupied with commitments from errands to events to appointments.. So before you say yes to your child’s next request – consider these important things.

Will This Negatively Impact My Vocation?

Even if it’s for a good cause like volunteering at a soup kitchen or getting involved with a church ministry, if it takes time away from your duties as a parent or a spouse, the answer should be no.

Does This Fit Into My Life at the Moment?

You may love that your child wants you to get more involved at church, but if you’re already feeling stretched – perhaps you just had a baby, or you’ve gone back to school and are balancing family, work, and education – it may be a better idea for both you and the ministry you’re volunteering with to wait until you’re feeling a little more settled. Encourage your child to become more involved when you’re already there on Sundays, or talk to other parents about carpooling opportunities.

Can I Utilize My Gifts and Talents?

Don’t fill up your time with activities you neither like or are good at, for example, just because your child wants you to sew their Halloween costume doesn’t mean you should spend months learning to sew. Time is valuable and precious, and you should use it on things that further your path in life. Know what your skills are (or what you would like to acquire as a skill) and make good use out of them.

Ask Your Child Why

Why does your child want you to get involved in a certain activity? Why do you want to say yes to a certain opportunity? The answer should always be because it brings you closer to God and your family. If your answer is because you feel obligated to or to boost your own ego, then opt for something else.

Think about these four things before you respond to any offers or volunteer for any opportunities, even if it is your child asking. You’ll not only discover that the time you spend adds more quality to your life and the time you spend with your child, but you’ll also feel better about saying no!

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