Road Trip Tips

Family vacations and road trips are great, but sometimes that much time in the car can make your children restless. Keep your children busy and entertained with Polk County private schools’ suggestions for long trips and car rides.

Bring Audiobooks and Movies
All the digital play your child needs can be stored right on a single device like a tablet. Set up her favorite books and movies that will keep her laughing the whole ride. It gives you something to chat about, too!

Pack Art Kits
Children love being creative. Pack a portable art kit with colored pencils, markers, and drawing paper. You can use a bin or a shoebox to store all the goodies in. This is a sure way to wipe out the boredom!

Download Apps
Because children have short attention spans, it’s a challenge to find an app that keeps them engaged for a decent amount of time. Opt for versatile and educational apps — from Disney Now to PBS Kids.

Take Fun Toys
Keep her busy in the backseat with a stash of toys! Children love playing, even in car rides. Utilize shoe boxes by filling them with compactable toys, like cards and legos, that don’t take too much space in the vehicle.

Make Snacktime Fun
Pack snacks with unique organizing techniques that make them fun to eat! Be sure to gather a variety for the type of trip you’re taking. Follow mom-bloggers and parenting publications on Pinterest and YouTube for ideas, such as the Rainbow Loom Snack Box. A satisfied stomach means a happy child.

Play Games
A sure way to avoid the “Are we there yet?” questions is to play games. Countdowns of any sort, like a countdown to arrival or the license plate game, is a creative way to captivate your child’s attention.

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