The Story of Job

The triumph of Job can help teach children to stay determined and faithful during stressful situations. Polk County private schools recognize the Story of Job as an inspirational story for your children. There are many lessons and morals to be valued in Job’s tale about how bad things can happen to good people. 

Job had a good life and faith, but then many bad things started to happen to him. He lost all of his children and he fell ill. In the face of suffering, he remained patient and humble. His wife tried to convince him to curse God, but he refused. His friends told him he did something wrong to deserve this, which he denied. The lesson for your child is to remain calm, patient, and humble, even during difficult times. For instance, if your child is struggling through a science class, remind him how patient and resilient the protagonist in this story was. 

Composed between 500 and 300 B.C., The Story of Job is a piece of world literature that raised issues of justice. Job was exposed to arbitrary acts of corruption, cruelty, and injustice. He faced the dilemma of maintaining a belief in God despite all of his hardships or letting go of his praise. Our schools enforce a strict policy on bullying, but should your child ever witness an act of cruelty in the world, he can embrace the attitude that Job did.

Despite being struck with grief, Job continued to praise God. Satan was trying to make Job reject God. When Satan gave up, God blessed Job’s life. If your child feels like he’s having a hard time, reassure him that Job persevered through his love and trust in God.

If your child is not yet familiar with The Triumph of Job yet, Bible Fun for Kids has a child-friendly version with learning activities at the end. If your child is more visual, YouTube has many cartoon versions of the story.

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