The Benefits of Band

Students in St. Joseph’s band.

Did you know that learning a musical instrument and joining band offers valuable learning opportunities? From strengthening coordination and motor skills to building social skills, band can help your child build their self-confidence and perseverance. Children who play instruments develop lifelong skills that benefit them both inside and outside of the classroom.

Student musicians are constantly using their memory to perform. When they learn how to play an instrument, they increase their ability to create, store, and retrieve memories. In school, this makes it easier to study, complete homework, and take tests, and a strong memory benefits students beyond the classroom.

Spatial Intelligence
Studies have discovered a link between music and spatial intelligence. This means that children who play instruments can more easily visualize, rotate, transform, and manipulate objects. They can identify patterns and identify fine details, which helps them in everything from reading maps to solving math problems to following instructions.

Coordination and Motor Skills
Did you know that playing a musical instrument is one of the few activities that fully engages both hemispheres of the brain? Students strengthen their hand-eye coordination and greatly improve their fine motor skills and muscle memory.

Teamwork and Social skills
In band, students learn how to collaborate and work together toward a common goal. Ultimately, their final performance relies on their ability to be a team! Every person must practice and do their part to succeed. Students learn to motivate, challenge, encourage, and lead one another.

Not only are students responsible for practicing and memorizing their part of a song, but they are also responsible for their instrument. They have to take care of their instrument and stay up to date with its regular maintenance and upkeep. Whether they’re in high school, college, or starting a career, responsibility is a crucial skill.

Students in St. Joseph’s band.

Self-Confidence and Perseverance
As a child improves their ability to play a certain instrument, overcomes challenges, and achieves their goals, they build their confidence. They discover that they have talents and abilities they never knew about. They also become used to performing in front of an audience, whether that audience is their music teacher, their classmates, or the school, and therefore become comfortable presenting in front of a crowd.

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