The Importance of Pets for Children

Lessons are taught every day when your child is growing up. Children are surrounded by a world where they must constantly learn to progress. Sometimes it’s easier when they have a friend by their side. Polk County private schools understand the impact a pet can have on the development of a child. We encourage parents to adopt one!

One of the biggest benefits to adopting a pet into your family is that it teaches compassion. She will learn how to care for animals who are sweet, protective, and never judge their companion. In turn, your pet can teach your child how to effectively reciprocate that same energy. 

Empathy is defined as the capacity or ability to imagine oneself in the situation of another — experiencing the emotions, ideas, or opinions of that being. If your pet is nervous or scared, it’s a chance for your child to recognize the emotions their friend is experiencing. It gives your child different perspectives to view the world through, which is very valuable to her life.

When committing to taking care of another living creature, your child will learn responsibility. Pets are great for teaching this because it will require your child to monitor feeding times, walking or changing a litter box, grooming, remembering vet check-ups, and a whole host of other responsibilities. Not only will children get better at staying on top of their pet’s needs, but they must learn to balance it with their own needs as well! 

Pets provide therapeutic relief. They can sense when children are stressed or anxious, and just their presence can help reduce negative feelings. Animals give unconditional love free from judgement, which provides a safe space to teach children how to feel confident when expressing emotions and being vulnerable.

Pets are very welcoming creatures who are great listeners. They don’t have prejudice, so it creates a comfortable atmosphere for children to speak to them. This can not only help verbal skills when children are socializing with them, but it can also develop emotional intelligence and communication as well. The body language of the pet can tell a great deal of how they’re feeling which can transfer into noticing the same feelings in humans. 

At Polk County private schools, we foster an atmosphere of care and an environment of high expectations and effective discipline. To learn more about what makes us different, contact the Office of Catholic Schools at the Diocese of Orlando by dialing 407-246-4800.