Waiting in Line for Confession: Dos and Don’ts

It may feel daunting to wait in line for confession, alone with your thoughts as you dwell on everything you’re about to confess, but this time is valuable. You’re able to slow down, pray, and reflect. Take a look at some suggestions on what to do (and what not to do) while waiting for confession.

What To Do While Waiting for Confession

  • Pray: Ask God to guide you through your confession and that you will be honest and confess everything on your heart, as well as be receptive to what the priest will say through Him. Pray the rosary for His guidance.
  • Prepare: Ask God for wisdom and insight. Begin with considering things like the Ten Commandments, the Precepts of the Church, and the Beatitudes.
  • Examine: A great place to start thoroughly examining your conscience is with this resource. It dives into the Ten Commandments and the Precepts of the Church and provides a list of questions to reflect upon.
  • Reflect: Afterwards, reflect on your sins and seek forgiveness, even before you step into the confessional. Read your bible, continue in prayer, or check out this meditation on confession.

What Not To Do In Line


  • Talk: This may seem like a good opportunity to get to know your fellow parishioners, but when you speak to another person in line at confession, you are interrupting their focus, prayers, and personal preparation. Instead, build community on Sundays and at weekly Bible studies.
  • Phone Play: It’s one thing to use your phone for prayer, meditation, or to examine your conscience, but texting or playing on other apps will distract you from deep reflection.  
  • Verbalize Your Prayer: If vocalizing helps you prepare and clear your mind to focus on your confession, then it’s worth finding a remote place within your church. This way, you can sing or pray out loud without distracting fellow parishioners.






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