What Do You Want to Be When You Get Older?

Searching for the right college while making a decision about what career path you want to take can be difficult, daunting, and full of anxiety. In order to help you find a good starting point, here is a list of some of the most popular university majors available right now, and how these might translate into future careers.

Political Science

If you someday dream of being president, working in Congress, or even being a lawyer, this is the degree for you. Political Scientists study the origin, development, and operation of political and governing systems. They also research and debate political ideas and typically work full time in various government or nonprofit offices. Keep in mind, however, with this degree, you often need a master’s or Ph.D. in Political Science in order to pursue certain careers (like a lawyer).


English majors study literature; this major focuses on the analysis, consumption, and creation of texts. As an English major, you will hone your communication skills and your ability to write in clear, convincing ways while stretching your critical thinking skills. This is an essential aspect for a number of different careers, from writing and editing to publishing and teaching.


With this major, you’ll develop your skills as a problem solver and entrepreneur. Being a business major requires a certain level of leadership and communication skills, as well as a solid knack for mathematics.


Math majors seek to develop and understand mathematical principles through research. As a math major, you’ll spend a good deal of time analyzing data and applying different techniques to solve real-world problems. Math majors often wind up in federal jobs or in private science and engineering research companies.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineers, or ChemEs, apply the principles of chemistry, biology, mathematics, and physics to solve problems involving chemicals, drugs, foods, and fuel. ChemEs often work in offices or labs. They help to design equipment for large manufacturing companies, plan and test production methods, and direct facility operations.


Nurses are vital to the operation of every healthcare facility. This is a bit of an unusual degree in that it often involves two to four years of undergraduate, prerequisite classes before you can apply for the actual degree itself. Nursing schools operate like a fast-paced, shortened version of medical school, and prepares individuals with the knowledge of procedures, techniques, and medication administration in order to provide care to the sick or disabled.

Computer Science

This major will make you use computer theory to analyze problems and seek solutions in today’s technology-driven world. It includes principle studies of computational science, programming, and computer development; computer science specifically requires a certain level of mastery of computers, mathematics, English, and physics.

When it comes to degrees you can acquire, this is by no means an exhaustive list. But it can give you a starting point for ideas as you explore potential career paths and areas of study that interest you most!

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