What’s Your Student’s Learning Style?

Have you ever tried to help your student with her homework, only to make her even more distraught? This can be a frustrating situation for both students and parents. However, it’s possible that you simply aren’t presenting the information in a way that’s conducive to her learning style! Everyone learns differently, and your learning style might be different than hers. When you understand how she learns, you can better support her and help her succeed. Discover your child’s style with the quiz below.

Your child is struggling with a math question. Does she:

    1. Ask you to talk through it with her.
    2. Doodle next to the problem and draw it out.
    3. Grab blocks, pens, or another tangible item to act out the problem.

When you’re teaching your child something new, how does she understand the concept?

    1. She continues to ask questions and asks you to clarify.
    2. Although she does listen to your instruction, she feels more comfortable after seeing you do it first.
    3. Even if she fidgets while you give instructions, she’s able to follow them perfectly. She’s more comfortable after doing it herself.

What sort of extracurricular activities does your child enjoy?

    1. He loves anything musical, whether it’s playing an instrument, listening to music, or singing.
    2. Arts, crafts, or reading.
    3. As long as it’s an activity with a lot of energy and movement, your child is a fan! He loves sports, dance, and theater.

When your child was a toddler, what was something you noticed about him and his personality?

    1. He always listened carefully when people talked, and he said his first words very early on.
    2. A little cautious, he always spent some time observing new activities from the sidelines before diving in.
    3. He was the first in his friend group to go down the slide by himself, and you could never get him off the monkey bars!

You have new neighbors! After going over to meet them, what is your child most likely to remember?

    1. Their names, the stories they told, or the questions they asked her.
    2. Their faces.
    3. How excited she was to use the trampoline in their backyard.

If you answered mostly 1s: Your child is an auditory learner, so she learns information best by hearing it. You can help her study by eliminating background noise, creating songs or rhymes, or clapping to a beat as she reads notes out loud. You can also read a word out loud while she points to the word being read.

If you answered mostly 2s: Your child is a visual learner, so she learns information best by observing. When she’s struggling with homework, suggest that she doodles a helpful illustration next to a confusing question, color code her notes with different highlighters, or create flashcards.

If you answered mostly 3s: Your child is a kinesthetic learner, so she learns best by getting physically involved. As she works on homework, suggest that she sit on an exercise ball — the sheer act of balancing on it will help her focus. Include blocks or play-doh so she can learn with her hands, or role-play the assigned chapter’s reading with her favorite toys.

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