Your Child Should Be Playing Minecraft

Video games have been around since the 1970s and evolving ever since. Some have gotten harsher critiques than others, but there are games out there that actually do a great job of teaching vital life skills. Minecraft is one of those safe video games Polk County private schools recommends giving children —they’ll have fun while learning!

Imagination and Creativity
Minecraft lets a child’s imagination to run wild. The game has infinite building possibilities in randomly generated worlds. Whether your child wants to create a whole neighborhood of houses, a farm with agriculture, or a giant medieval city with large castles, the opportunities are there for their choosing. There are two modes creative which gives them all the resources in the game at their disposal or survival, where they must gather and collect everything they need to build. It’s like Legos 2.0!

Privacy Settings
A factor that worries many parents is online play and strangers. Luckily, you can set the game mode to single-player so it’s only them in their world. You can also invite people to the world, so a neighbor or friend from school can join with your permission. There is also an opportunity to play and bond with your child. You can simply supervise their gameplay or join them in the building fun with multiplayer!

Nonviolent Playing
The perk of playing Minecraft is that there is a peaceful setting. This means that there is no violence. Even if the monsters were included from different game modes, they are not scary because the pixelated graphics create boxy, nonthreatening characteristics. The friendly-looking monsters create a fun, safe atmosphere for your child to enjoy playing in.

Critical Thinking
When problems arise in the game, it can lead to solving a problem through a creative solution or capacity. It teaches children to effectively problem-solve and think critically about how their next moves will work or won’t work. Starting over could be viewed as a new opportunity rather than a negative ordeal. They commit more instead of just giving up.

Want your child to learn a new language? You can change the language in the game to various others like French or Spanish. They might be confused at first, but after playing for a while it is a great way to implement some new vocabulary. This is a great introduction to learning a language, and it can pay off in the future.

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